Thursday, 28 May 2015

What do people have against Space Marines?

"Oh, you collect Space Marines" and "That's a bit boring" are phrases I am becoming familiar with. As many of you may now know I have been painting up my own chapter of SM's called the "Carcharian Crimsons" and I have had great fun doing so. I've always been attracted to the forces of the Imperium more so than other races because I think there is an inner 6 year old saying "you can't collect the baddies". Obviously that has changed with the small number of Orks I'm painting up too but there's something about being the good guy that I am drawn towards. Yet for some people this doesn't seem good enough and I don't know why. The back story to Marines is great, there are infinite ways to paint them so you aren't stuck for choice, there are different ways to play them too so what's the fuss?

Now obviously if you are competitive then you're more likely to go for something like Necrons with their "Decurian Detachment" or a strong Eldar list but for the majority of players is it not about the fun? For me winning a game of 40k isn't everything, although winning is nice, it's about getting together with friends and creating fun battles to showcase your minis. Even on a competitive note the rule "...And they shall know no fear" is great, they can shoot, they can assault and they have a plenty of models to choose from so there is a wide variety of lists to be written.

If I'm honest I couldn't care less what people bring to play against me. As long as they enjoy collecting that race then really why all the fuss. So I suppose this post is more about saying don't let other people tell you who to collect, whatever you find fun to look at/paint/play with is what you should collect. Oh and of course you can always collect more than one race, I can honestly say I'd love nearly all of the models in my collection. Just remember you are in this hobby to have fun, don't let anyone else take that fun away from you and visa versa.

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  1. Well said. I've played Eldar on and off since 2nd Edition 40k and can safely say I've never been competitive. Sure winning is nice, but throwing some dice and laughing at the shocking amount of 1's is the real reason I keep playing. Collect what you like and have a laugh that's all that matters