Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hello Wargamers

Many of you are probably very familiar with the term "cheese" if you've been in 40k for a while. For those who have not it is basically a phrase used to label something as over powered or similar. The more and more things on YouTube I watch all I ever hear now is "Faction X is so cheese" or "That ability is cheese" or "That model is cheese". It is now at the point where it's becoming a pain. Yes the rules aren't 100% balanced but just because that player has something better than yours does not make it "Cheesy". Most codex's have something like this, some more than others, and it can be easy to exploit it but that's not why we play the game is it? I could be mistaken but I play 40k to enjoy myself, not just to win, but to socialise with like minded people and have a good time.

So I guess this post has two sides. If you are playing one of the stronger armies against a weaker opponent, dial it back. There is no fun in tabling an opponent turn 2/3 it's just boring, for both sides. If this means bringing units that you like the look of but aren't as strong or it might be not using that killer detachment that grants too many buffs. Whatever it may be just make it more fun for both of you. The second side to this is the other player, stop calling everything that beats you "Cheese", you are just being a sore loser. Yes it's annoying to play against over powered armies but repeating the phrase is not going to stop someone bringing their stuff, it's best just to talk to them about it or find a way to counter it. Most times the players of these armies didn't ask for the buffs and that's just the way GW update things, making the power gamers end up with every model from every army in the end.

So what am I getting at? Stop saying the word cheese, please, just talk to the person you're playing, keep it fairly even and try to have fun, it's the reason we all do this hobby after all.

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  1. We are specifically having an Unbound "cheese" tournament. When you have cool players, every format is a good one. We even commissioned a special cheese dice bag! :)

    1. That kind of event i don't mind, everyone knows that every player will bring crazy things and if everyone does that it makes the game that much closer to being balanced, just not my kind of thing, always loved the combined arms stuff to keep things a bit closer :)

  2. Why the obsession with balance? Why does every side have to be perfectly matched? Whatever the game, whether tabletop or board game or playing team games outside (remember when we used to do that - go outside and play games?) it's almost always more interesting (and more fun) if it's *not* balanced.
    Blood Bowl is a great example of a tabletop game where how everyone can have fun, playing an unbalanced game - whichever side you end up playing. 11 goblins against a team of humans and ogres are almost always going to get mashed, but it can be great fun trying to score just a single point. People who are obsessed with being crowned "winner" at the end are almost always the more boring people to play games with!

    1. I don't mind a game being a little unbalanced, especially in the name of narrative , but my first game back into 40k was against an unbound list with no troops, blood angles death company, Leman Russ Excecutioner and a super buff HQ. Isn't that a bit much for someone who is trying to learn the game, even if it wasn't my first game it just takes that competitive edge away which is another element to the game that can make it fun. I don't mind losing I just want to get the most enjoyment out of each game, and not just get tabled turn three.