Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Calling All Wargamers!

Calling All Wargamers!

This is a much shorter blog post than usual, if you could really label it as a blog post. I suppose it is more of a plea? Anyway I, Callum, am inviting you to come and play against me. That's right I am looking for volunteers to play against me to film some new battle reports. If you are interested at all please visit the "Contact Us" page on this blog and ping me an email. Here are a few more details below:

1. I really want to meet the people who power my blog/twitter/youtube account. Without any of you this just wouldn't be a thing, so meeting you would be great fun for me.

2. Making more content is important. More content leads to more interest and that will help this grow even more, it's just a big cycle. I'm sure that you, the readers, would love to see more Battle Reports and more individuals getting involved.

3. More armies for everyone. I can only collect so many models and I think everyone, yes both you and I, would love to see more variety in Battle Reports, who doesn't love good looking models?

Obviously this whole adventure would require you to travel to where I reside in Swansea. More details of that would be given in response to a request. You can bring as many points as you see fit to bring however I know transporting them can be a hassle so for larger games we would need to arrange that all in advance and please bare in mind time constraints. Then I can book you into a mutually agreed date and the gaming can begin.

The plan for the day would be:
  • Arrive as early as you can (within reason), likely to be 9/10 at the earliest anyway.
  • Play a 1500 point "Challenge Callum" game
  • I'll sort out some lunch or something, I'm actually not too bad in the kitchen!
  • A smaller "Baby Batrep" styled game will be played (500-750 points with a special scenario)
  • A big thank you, possibly some bits swapping and a warm hearted good bye.
This would take effect as of mid September so please if you need to make the trip try to book time off or have limited availability fear not, email me in advance to set a finite date, I am so excited by this prospect!

Currently have a gaming table under construction with terrain on the way soon, so this would be played on a half decent table too.

Can't wait to hear from you all.


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