Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Poor Old Guard - An Ode to the Old

Hello Wargammers

Let us hold a minutes silence for the Astra Militarum players, the reason? They are so outdated and ,having played a few games against them, a disappointment. That's right, my friend Harry and I have been playing a lot of games lately to break in the new table and scenery that I'll be using in some of the battle reports that you guys are welcome to come take part in. After playing these games we quickly realised that the newer codex's, namely the Space Marine one that I played, are brutal against guard.

Over the space of a few days we played 8 or so games, no two of my lists for Space Marines were the same and yet the result came back conclusive, 8-0 to the Marines. I toned my list down a bit, scout snipers and rhino's were everywhere to begin with and this is arguably the weaker way to play SM but I still won. I then played one game where I went full on. Most of these games were 750, 2 1000 points games as well. The full on 1000 point list was Combined arms and the Librarius Conclave. After two turns all that was left was half of a Command Squad, a Leman Russ and a Sentinel. Casting powers on a 2+ was crazy and then I had 5 Assault Terminators, 2 5 man squads which were bare bones, one devastator squad and finally drop pod Sternguard.

Since when were Astra Militarum this bad? Harry's list wasn't even that bad! I thought it would be a close match up but I was so so wrong. It reached the point where we decided to stop playing as there was no way he could win, we'd exhausted all of our reasonable options. So what was going wrong? Well, I think I've found the problem. Money. GW are a business so it's in their best interest to maximise profits, I get that, I study economics. But this does mean that with codex updates being more strong that the last, there comes an increase in demand for that race. As each one becomes better than the last it forces those who want a good game to buy the updated race or new power units. I mean neither of us are competitive but losing 8 on the trot is not fun for anyone.

This post therefore is a recognition of these older codex players and a chance to remember our friends and foes less fortunate, who did not receive the big 7th Edition update our army just had. What does this mean for me though? Nothing really, I'll just collect what I want. I'm not interested in power gaming, all I look for in a model is something cool fun to paint and fun to play with. Hence why I'm looking into more and more army ideas all the time. Obviously Eldar, my next project, aren't exactly bad but what lay ahead in the future is a mystery and will only be found by seeing how awesome the miniatures are.

So yeah, let us keep in mind these poor old codex's and give them a little love ourselves with our toned down lists and warmest condolences.

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