Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What I've Learnt in One Month

Hello Wargamers,

It's been about 6 weeks since I started this blog/youtube channel up and I have to say it excites me to see such a great response already, so thanks! It would be fair to say that this first month or so has been a huge learning curve for me already and I've only managed to squeeze in 4 games of 40k so far. So here are a few things I've learnt and hopefully those of you who are new to the game can get a leg up from this post and those who aren't can look back to their first month or so and compare.

1. There are two types of wargamers:

This one is painfully obvious but it's amazed me how clear it is. Now these two types are the player who's sole goal from wargamming is to win, in any way possible and then the other kind who are there to enjoy themselves. I guess as long as you get out what you want from wargamming either is okay, I myself fall firmly onto the "Im here to have fun" side but that doesn't mean being competitive is wrong. As long as you are playing someone like minded it can be really fun, I've found if I play someone who's very competitive it's less fun for me as I don't get the friendly to and fro or the more casual and fun lists. When I have played against someone who played for fun though it suited me much more, we laughed and joked as our warlords did nothing to each-other for 3 turns of combat or we solved any rule queries with a die roll or a quick check in the rules, or even a trust in judgement, something a competitive player would not allow! So both kinds are completely fine to be, but you'll get more out of the game if you play the gamers who are of a similar mindset.

2. I can't roll dice:

I think I might be the unluckiest roller of dice to grace the planet. Or have I got the wrong technique? I have, on so many occasions, rolled below average and a few times ... well, rolling 8 shots that hit on threes and seeing 7 2's ... that was not my finest hour. And yet as I struggle to roll to hit and to wound, my opponent makes amour save after armour save. Is this just me? I am already considering praying to the dice gods each night, not sure if anything will fix my curse of rolling ones for terminator saves or not getting my psychic powers off, even if I use 4 dice for a warp charge 1. Where have the statistical rolls gone and why are they not with me?

3. There are two types of wargamers:

I know you're thinking, "hold on Callum, you said that earlier", well hang on, let me explain. The first type of wargamer is the one who paints their miniatures. Yes fear not, I'm not actually that forgetful, this is a different thing I have learnt. So yes these players take at least some care in the appearance of their models. Now I have seen a few armies with obviously varying degrees of quality when it comes to the paint job but that doesn't bother me, yes I'll be in awe of those who are amazing and I'll feel good about mine when I see someone with slightly less well painted models but the underlying thing here is I love seeing someone with painted miniatures. Good or bad they put an effort it, which is more than can be said for the other player. The one who leaves theirs grey or primed. I get that it's a hobby and you should take your time but when someone spends £100's on an army only to leave them all grey it confuses me. Now obviously some people don't like the painting, but to me it seems a waste of money to buy all those models if you aren't going to finish them, or at least pay someone else to paint them, if you're happy spending money on grey stuff why not just get it painted by someone who will make it look amazing?

4. I want everything

I have looked at almost every model from the 40k range, and some from other gaming platforms too, and I want them all ... anyone else have this? I have made plan after plan to buy all these things and then I have to remind myself that you need money to buy things. I'm honestly not sure I could ever buy too many models, though my girlfriend might disagree. So what do I plan to buy then? Well once I have my space marines up to 1500 points I plan to put together a 500 point Eldar army but I'm going to really focus on painting techniques and trying to pro paint them so I wouldn't expect to see them any time soon. There are plans to expand my reach to other gaming platforms in the near future too, perhaps to Infinity or Warmachine. I also have one more future "surprise" project that you will all find out about in due course ... best keep your eyes peeled this "movemeber".

So yeah there's a small list of things I've learnt so far, give it another month and I'm certain I'll have learnt even more and I do look forward to doing so. Well thanks for reading, let me know some of the things that you learnt in your early days and maybe if there is anything I should look out for!



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