Monday, 24 August 2015

My Idea's for a Narrative Campaign

Over the past year or so the popularity of these has seem to have gone through the roof. As I am far more interested in "Fluff" than I am the competitive side of wargaming this is something that has certainly always interested me. With that in mind I have been brainstorming some ideas for scenarios, character profiles and game logistics with the view to doing one by the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year, provided I have the models and an opponent for the games.

As for the Armies involved, obviously I can't collect every army and nor do I know the army of the person who I will be playing with for this campaign, however I am hoping to have my Space Marines up above 2000 points and am hoping to have a cool "Millatarum Tempestus" styled army done by then too. Though for this I will converting "Catachan" and changing up the rules a bit just to make it more fluffy.  I may also have a small Eldar force  together by then too.

With all this in mind creating a scenario is hard. Other than the obvious "Planet Invasion" styled thing I have been thinking hard for alternative ideas. Of course if you have any ideas too it would be great for you to input them for me. At the moment I have one which involves my Catachan Commandos being tried for Heresy and they, alongside the Carcharian Crimsons, fight off waves of Imperium Armies and try to prove that they are true to the Emperor.
In terms of editing characters profiles I have constructed the following tables.

Damage Table
Dice Roll (D6)
Future D6 Modifier
No effect
No effect
-1 to BS,WS
-1 to BS,WS
-1 to BS,WS and -1 W
-1 to BS,WS and -1 W
-2 to BS, WS and - 1W
-2 to BS, WS and - 2W
-2 to BS, WS and reduced to 1 W

NB: On the roll of a 4 or 5 the Current Effect is reduced by 1 on the roll of a 6 Current Effect is reduced by 2

Bonus Chart
Bonus 1
Bonus 2
Bonus 3
+1 WS/BS
Feel No Pain (6+)
Deep Strike
Poisoned Melee (4+)
Move Through Cover
Feel No Pain
+2 WS/BS
+1 Invul. Save
+2 I
Eternal Warrior
+2 Invul. Save

Roll a D3 for the "Bonus Chart" Bonus' are cumulative.

As for Game Logistics: Firstly I will probably have only one opponent to begin with, maybe doing an open campaign in the future. There are likely to be sub-missions as well with a limit on each named character model being allow one sub-mission per mission. Secondly game sizes with depend on the mission at hand and possible sensible restrictions dependant on the way the campaign is going and missions types too.

These are of course just initial thoughts and so any feedback would be much appreciated, as there is time until I can actually get one sorted written feedback and suggestions would be great and would allow me to make a better campaign. Feel free to use these charts etc at your clubs or with your friends too if it takes your fancy?

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Future of TTB

Hello Wargammers

I just thought I'd share some of the things that will hopefully be happening for Table Top Banter over the coming months and towards the end of the year, got to say I'm excited about a couple of things on my shopping list and future content plans. I hope you can get excited too!

1. Battle Reports

I actually managed to get a few responses from you guys when it came to me calling for your help in filming battle reports for 40k. This was really encouraging and I'm hoping that by making some that'll spawn a response again for applications to come and play and I'd really like that. So hopefully in the next 6 weeks or so there will be a BatRep on the youtube channel. As for the future of them that depends on interest from viewers and players alike, though I'm really hoping I can have some online regularly.

2. Age of Sigmar

This is one of the more exciting items on the shopping list. Really, I can't wait to paint those beautiful miniatures and hopefully play some games. As this develops I'd obviously be looking into publishing some AoS content too, which is my plan. I really hope this game can start to broaden my range of war games that I can cover. That is the aim behind this game for me, stretch my content over a  few more gaming systems, who knows maybe even throw out more content? Wouldn't that be good!

3. Narrative Campaign

Yes that's right, I'm currently going over an idea for a narrative campaign. Obviously this is something that's been done by a few other channels but I am hoping to throw in my own ideas to make it something unique to Table Top Banter. Whether this would be open or not is hard to say but possibly not for the first one. Very excited though, already brainstorming my narrative out so keep those eyes peeled folks.

4. Dark Vengance

I know that I'm very late to the party here but I really want to get the whole box and paint them up as best I can. This would be for a personal sense of accomplishment as well as giving me more content to produce. Not only this but it would give TTB two 650 point studio armies for those who can't bring everything with them but still fancy a game against me. Think this could also provide help for variation in armies to play against, especially in the smaller games. 

5. Other gaming systems

Should money and time allow it I'm really looking at getting into other gaming systems a little. Something like Warmachine or Hordes, or perhaps Mordheim. That has been something I really like the idea of, with the creating warbands and gaining experience and so forth. So hoping to find more game systems to expand into to give you guys something else to read and watch too.

Well thanks for reading this list of objective I suppose. There are certainly a few things I'm excited by here and I can't wait to get stuck in! I's just like to thank you all for following me and reading/watching too. It's the interest you lot show that drives me on to set these slightly more ambitious goals for the next few months, who knows where this can go? Oh and don't forget ... Have fun!

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