Saturday, 7 May 2016

Dark Vengeance

Hello Wargamers,

Today I am talking about something that I think has done the world of 40k so many favours. As the title suggests I will be discussing the latest 40k box set, Dark Vengeance. Now obviously if you're a 40k veteran you'll know that this box has been out for some time, for those who haven't yet looked into this it is by far the best value for money box released from GW in their history. This £75 (if you actually buy from GW) box is packed with just enough models for 750pts of Dark Angles and just a little less Chaos models too, provided you give appropriate upgrades. For a box that includes two armies, a rules book, templates, dice and measure sticks along with bonus books for learning to play I honestly can't think of much more they could have done for that price.

The models themselves are very nice scuplts and are snap-fit meaning assembley is fast and easy. Sure, there are some gaps that need filling but thats okay, the value for money far surpasses this minor shortcoming. It is for this reason I am desperate to buy and paint all the miniatures in the box set, yes both Chaos and Dark Angles, this is because I both love the sculpts and I really would love to make a "How to play" 40k series. I know there are many other channels that have done this in recent years but I'd like to run through all the steps of the book inside and run through the painting and construction of the box too. 

This would be a full video series consisting of simple painting tutorials, assembly, and running through the "Learn to Play" guide from the box set it self, step by step. I'm hoping the inclusion of 2 new armies (with another two that I'm working on anyway) and a nice new video series with games too will help match the wants and needs of my viewing audience on youtube. Do you guys have an thoughts on this idea? I would really like to get a good gauge of what you know so I am able to continue making the content you want to read and watch. 

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