Friday, 29 January 2016

Chaos space marines!

Hello All,

Its time for me to show you happy lot my chaos.  When you have half of dark vengeance sitting there its only going to be a matter of time before you start painting.  What with the new chaos codex on the horizons I thought I would get the station early and wait patiently for the band wagon to arrive.
What choas god have I succumb to?  Nurgle of course.  Mostly inspired by my own current lifestyle and room arrangement I thought Nurgle would be a fun route to take for my super friendly warband.

So here they are, looking very spooky

Such a friendly warband this chap got a nice pirate hat because everyone loves pirates.  All I have painting for now but will hopefully get some more done at a later date.

Meanwhile, outside of the dark vengeance club, a new band of nurglings have spawned.  Nothing like getting on the band wagon before anyone really knows what its going to be.  Rumor has is it the nurgle will have very nasty flamers and missile launchers, so that's what these bastards are getting.

There we have it, my little warband.  Bit of a slow burner this one but thought I would let you guys know what else I have been up to.  Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading - Harry

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Flight of the Storm Talon

Hello all,

Been busy today and go the storm talon done.  Very chuffed.  Lots of new challenges that I had a shot at and it seems to have come out quite well!

I had great fun painting this guy, even if it did take a very long time to do so.  The battle chips are painted the same way as all my models but I tried to be a little less zealous this time over.  I even attempted smudging them with my thumb to create a bit of movement.  No that really is flyer weathering.  Also put a bit of codex gray and abaddon black dry brushing here and there.  A bit more shading was added with a scorched brown wash in all the recesses, made it look a little more grubby and really brought out the paneling.  So get ready for lots of pics!

That is deffo some flyer-weathering® right there.  

The next challenge was doing the canopy.  I actually turned out masking off each individual window so that I could spray the piece black then paint as normal.  Balling.


This gave a nice, crystal clear window for my pilot to look out of.  Mixed up a dark red for him as I still wanted his crimson fists to be distinguishable, no weathering on this chap as he is nice and safe inside his cabin.  Still undecided whether or not to glue the canopy down yet or just have it loose.  Big decisions.

The base came out especially nicely, matches the bases on my standard grunts quite well too.  

All in all pretty darn happy with how this beauty came out.  The rockets/lascannons still pop on and off quite nicely but I am yet to paint up the skyhammer pods or lascannons.  Another job for another day!  Maybe Pedro Kantor can help with that.

Thanks for reading
- Harry

Stormtalon bumblebee of death

Hello All!

It has arrived!  I have no idea why I am so excited about its arrival, maybe because its my first ever flyer or maybe because I waited so damn long for it to arrive.  Never the less I couldn't have been happier when I opened the door this morning.  If you see Tony the dhl delivery man driving around Derby, please congratulate him.

Less about Tony, more about the bumblebee.  I went to buy a landspeeder and now I have this adorable little talon of death.  I have always liked the ideas of flyers in 40k, the image of all manner of ships battling it out above a massed infantry battle is, for me, the epitome of the gimdark.  This should hopefully bring me some much needed maneuverability and flyer defense.

I decided to keep the weapons unattached to the model so I can just swap them out depending on the list I am playing.  They seem to just snap on and off and hold themselves in place with no magnet magic or bluetac.  The base was good fun too, managed to squeeze some odds and sods of terrain in there to hopefully spruce the model up a bit.

Should be getting a lick of paint soon, lots of new challenges ahead!  Going to have very similar weathering style to the rhino I did but hopefully going to try a bit of black dry brushing for some flyer-weathering®.  Watch this space!  Then its back to the shopping cart for my Crimson Fists.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The £25 challenge

Hello All,

So if you don't know by now head over to our youtube channel and have a peek at the £25 challenge we are running.  Callum is pretty much done, the bastard picked necrons and now has a pretty solid force.  Me?  I chose dark eldar.  Yep thats right, an army that is very hard to play, very hard to form low point lists and very vehicle/speed dependent.  Sounds cheap to me!  So what have I picked up?  I managed to get hold of 19 unbuilt warriors for £10.50.  Not bad not bad, but not great but it should give me a bit more flexibility with conversions, making Archons etc.  I am hoping now to pick up a raider (or two if i get lucky) and form a list from there, idea being as follows:


An Archon with deepstrike wizardry and fancy weapons.  Hopefully this should make up for the lack of mobility I will have when I fail to get more raiders.


Trueborn with blasters?  Might be good against necrons but who knows.  Fills up some points too, bonus.


Some kabalite warriors with maybe more blasters, I think I will leave splinter cannons alone unless they are mounted in a raider.

Maybe convert the warriors in some wyches?  The older models come with a fair few cc weapons and I am sure I could rustle something up.  Not sure how effective these would be against undead robots in close combat.  The Hekatrix with a power weapon could be sneaky.

And that comes to exactly 500pts, marvelous.

So its either that or get more kabalites and go for horde dark eldar... which I am sure works very well.

The older models which I picked up are actually pretty neat, big fan.  Not a fan of how much smaller and weaker they are compared to necron warriors however.  This could be interesting.

To summarise?  What have I done, please send help.


Fists of Crimson

Hello All,

So after clearing my desk of empty packets, dirty pots, general shit and something that looks vaguely like coursework I finally have some actual content.  That's right, its time for the crimson fists.

So these chaps were my first real space marine army and subsequently have a soft spot in my heart.  Maybe its because I like blue, maybe its because I like red or maybe its because I hate orks?  Who knows, who cares, they're the power armoured, bolter loving bastard sons of Dorn that we all know and love.

I will start with what I actually have painted up which currently includes the dark angels from dark vengeance (ft. hobby knife) and some tactical marines come sternguard.


How cute, a nice little squad of ten bolter armed marines with their very own rhino!  Look, one of them even brought a plasma gun with him, adorable.  The rhino is a very new addition, technically still drying as this goes out.  Bonus?  I actually bought a razorback (sneaky sneaky).
Now I really must apologise for my photography skills.  I bought a new phone and thought it would do all the work for me but it really bloody doesn't.  So enjoy these flashy images with highly distorted colours and generally awful composition.  The models are much darker in person and the battle damage really comes out, unfortunately in these photos they look like they are from candyland.


So these guys came about when I bought a tac squad and sternguard box.  I found (carefully calculated) that there were enough bolters and combi weapons to make a full 10 man squad of sternguard without their poncy flannels dragging about.  So here they are.

Said Poncy flannels

Then, rather craftily, I made the 5 remaining sternguard into honor guard complete with grey knight weapons.  The plan was to give them the chapter standard with Pedro attached for many many attacks.  However, the issue lies in actually getting these guys into combat.  Note that I haven't painted many... that is because I have no real use for them in such a small force.


Ah yes, everyone loves this big metal bastards.  I love them so much I squeezed a cheeky 6th one in there.  Just the bog standard dark vengeance guys with a bit of de-dark angel work going on.  The 6th guy is actually a terminator that came free with white dwarf many moons ago when they dropped assault on black reach.  Winning.

Surprise Chaplain

So obviously the big K is it bit too costly in smaller games so I had to have some sort of low point HQ.  Like the dark vengeance sergeant model but feel he has his head up his arse?  Like a massive power maul with a fancy name?  Love power helmets that are also skulls?  Here, have all those things!  

Quite proud of this chap, please don't pick on his wonky skull face.

So thats all my painted stuff however there is a fair bit more going on under the dust sheets.  I bought another set of dark vengeance tac marines for eight pound bloody fifty and sought making a dev squad out of it.  That gave me three plasma cannons and another five man tac squad to join my other dumplings with the rhino.  Pedro Kantor was also born from the mighty sternguard box, more of a proxy until I pull my thumb out and buy the model.  Oh and apparently I have some scouts but I cannot find them.  Oops.

This is Pedro Bantor himself.  Well, sort of.  I will paint him when I get the balls/skill to do him justice.

So thats it, thats my Crimson Fist army sans a five man scout squad.  Will put up a written list sooner or later with a bit more tactical though.  Hoping to expand into the realms of detachments/formations and end up with a Gladius strike force with the first company detachment thing.  Then we need a land raider for Pedro and the lads to go bash some heads.  But those are distant dreams, for now watch this space, there is a storm coming.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A New Lease of Life

Hi Guys,

As you may have noticed this blog has changed a little, and no, I am not talking about the smell of decay and peeling paint from over 5 months inactivity.  In fact we have decided to give the page a bit of a spruce up and to do that Callum has employed me, Harry, to have a blast at this blogging malarkey.  Now the pay isn't great and the banter could be better but I hope to be writing a few things here a week.  Who knows what I will write about but I suspect I will start with sharing my hobby history and showing you guys my personal projects.

I didn't have much of a collection coming into 2015, nothing I could really call an army; a few bedraggled guardsmen, a couple of crimson fists that had been painted far too many times and some funky grots I couldn't bare to part with.  Everything else had been sold when I left for uni.  Fully armed, fully painted, glistening armies of the Imperium all turned into hangovers, late night Mcdonalds and the rent of a tiny room on campus.

When Callum and I started getting more interested in 40k again my first venture back was that of a hodge podge guard force made up from some bolt action ww2 soviets.  These were great fun and made an appearance in a battle report we videoed over the Christmas period.  I have since moved on to bigger and better power armored things but I hope to continue this project soon (watch this space).

Then came the crimson fists.  After getting my hands on some dark vengeance marines I set about building up some comrades for Kantor.  This has grown quite substantially over the past 4 months to about 2000 points and nearly a full Gladius Strike force.  You will have seen some of these chaps in the short battle report we filmed back over Christmas in which the proud sons of Dorn did not fare so well.  Hey ho, I guess I really really need a flyer, or maybe a rhino.  More updates coming soon on the very topic of big metal things.

Other projects I have running is a small chaos nurgle warband which currently consists of the dark vengeance chaos side.  Hopefully this will be featuring in our Kill Team campaign when I actually get round to doing some painting.  I thought this would also be quite interesting given the new codex being released soon (I hope!).

Other than that I might try patching up my imperial guard and I of course have 500 points of dark eldar to summon with £25 which should be an absolute blast.

This is what I will be writing about over the coming weeks and hopefully you guys will enjoy me sharing my triumphs and failures in my quest through the 41st Millennium.  After all, its just a bit of fun.

- Harry