Saturday, 23 January 2016

A New Lease of Life

Hi Guys,

As you may have noticed this blog has changed a little, and no, I am not talking about the smell of decay and peeling paint from over 5 months inactivity.  In fact we have decided to give the page a bit of a spruce up and to do that Callum has employed me, Harry, to have a blast at this blogging malarkey.  Now the pay isn't great and the banter could be better but I hope to be writing a few things here a week.  Who knows what I will write about but I suspect I will start with sharing my hobby history and showing you guys my personal projects.

I didn't have much of a collection coming into 2015, nothing I could really call an army; a few bedraggled guardsmen, a couple of crimson fists that had been painted far too many times and some funky grots I couldn't bare to part with.  Everything else had been sold when I left for uni.  Fully armed, fully painted, glistening armies of the Imperium all turned into hangovers, late night Mcdonalds and the rent of a tiny room on campus.

When Callum and I started getting more interested in 40k again my first venture back was that of a hodge podge guard force made up from some bolt action ww2 soviets.  These were great fun and made an appearance in a battle report we videoed over the Christmas period.  I have since moved on to bigger and better power armored things but I hope to continue this project soon (watch this space).

Then came the crimson fists.  After getting my hands on some dark vengeance marines I set about building up some comrades for Kantor.  This has grown quite substantially over the past 4 months to about 2000 points and nearly a full Gladius Strike force.  You will have seen some of these chaps in the short battle report we filmed back over Christmas in which the proud sons of Dorn did not fare so well.  Hey ho, I guess I really really need a flyer, or maybe a rhino.  More updates coming soon on the very topic of big metal things.

Other projects I have running is a small chaos nurgle warband which currently consists of the dark vengeance chaos side.  Hopefully this will be featuring in our Kill Team campaign when I actually get round to doing some painting.  I thought this would also be quite interesting given the new codex being released soon (I hope!).

Other than that I might try patching up my imperial guard and I of course have 500 points of dark eldar to summon with £25 which should be an absolute blast.

This is what I will be writing about over the coming weeks and hopefully you guys will enjoy me sharing my triumphs and failures in my quest through the 41st Millennium.  After all, its just a bit of fun.

- Harry


  1. Cool painted minis, the crimson fists have a cool scheme. Have you lopped off the plasma cannon guy's arms and replaced it with a standard issue boltgun!?? How cruel! What on earth did he do to deserve that???

  2. Also, Harry, I don't know if you are studying journalism or something but you have a very smooth, witty writing style.

    1. It was stolen from him and given to my rather bodged devastators, more of that to come very very soon. I am afraid I do mere product design however now you say it I may be doing the wrong degree! Thank you very much though!