Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Fists of Crimson

Hello All,

So after clearing my desk of empty packets, dirty pots, general shit and something that looks vaguely like coursework I finally have some actual content.  That's right, its time for the crimson fists.

So these chaps were my first real space marine army and subsequently have a soft spot in my heart.  Maybe its because I like blue, maybe its because I like red or maybe its because I hate orks?  Who knows, who cares, they're the power armoured, bolter loving bastard sons of Dorn that we all know and love.

I will start with what I actually have painted up which currently includes the dark angels from dark vengeance (ft. hobby knife) and some tactical marines come sternguard.


How cute, a nice little squad of ten bolter armed marines with their very own rhino!  Look, one of them even brought a plasma gun with him, adorable.  The rhino is a very new addition, technically still drying as this goes out.  Bonus?  I actually bought a razorback (sneaky sneaky).
Now I really must apologise for my photography skills.  I bought a new phone and thought it would do all the work for me but it really bloody doesn't.  So enjoy these flashy images with highly distorted colours and generally awful composition.  The models are much darker in person and the battle damage really comes out, unfortunately in these photos they look like they are from candyland.


So these guys came about when I bought a tac squad and sternguard box.  I found (carefully calculated) that there were enough bolters and combi weapons to make a full 10 man squad of sternguard without their poncy flannels dragging about.  So here they are.

Said Poncy flannels

Then, rather craftily, I made the 5 remaining sternguard into honor guard complete with grey knight weapons.  The plan was to give them the chapter standard with Pedro attached for many many attacks.  However, the issue lies in actually getting these guys into combat.  Note that I haven't painted many... that is because I have no real use for them in such a small force.


Ah yes, everyone loves this big metal bastards.  I love them so much I squeezed a cheeky 6th one in there.  Just the bog standard dark vengeance guys with a bit of de-dark angel work going on.  The 6th guy is actually a terminator that came free with white dwarf many moons ago when they dropped assault on black reach.  Winning.

Surprise Chaplain

So obviously the big K is it bit too costly in smaller games so I had to have some sort of low point HQ.  Like the dark vengeance sergeant model but feel he has his head up his arse?  Like a massive power maul with a fancy name?  Love power helmets that are also skulls?  Here, have all those things!  

Quite proud of this chap, please don't pick on his wonky skull face.

So thats all my painted stuff however there is a fair bit more going on under the dust sheets.  I bought another set of dark vengeance tac marines for eight pound bloody fifty and sought making a dev squad out of it.  That gave me three plasma cannons and another five man tac squad to join my other dumplings with the rhino.  Pedro Kantor was also born from the mighty sternguard box, more of a proxy until I pull my thumb out and buy the model.  Oh and apparently I have some scouts but I cannot find them.  Oops.

This is Pedro Bantor himself.  Well, sort of.  I will paint him when I get the balls/skill to do him justice.

So thats it, thats my Crimson Fist army sans a five man scout squad.  Will put up a written list sooner or later with a bit more tactical though.  Hoping to expand into the realms of detachments/formations and end up with a Gladius strike force with the first company detachment thing.  Then we need a land raider for Pedro and the lads to go bash some heads.  But those are distant dreams, for now watch this space, there is a storm coming.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Army looks great, always liked the Crimson Fists! Just get the squad markings on the shoulder guards and these will be perfect!

    1. Thank you very much! I think I need to pick up some decal softener before I put the insignia on. Without it they seem to crease up and cause a bit of a headache!