Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Flight of the Storm Talon

Hello all,

Been busy today and go the storm talon done.  Very chuffed.  Lots of new challenges that I had a shot at and it seems to have come out quite well!

I had great fun painting this guy, even if it did take a very long time to do so.  The battle chips are painted the same way as all my models but I tried to be a little less zealous this time over.  I even attempted smudging them with my thumb to create a bit of movement.  No that really is flyer weathering.  Also put a bit of codex gray and abaddon black dry brushing here and there.  A bit more shading was added with a scorched brown wash in all the recesses, made it look a little more grubby and really brought out the paneling.  So get ready for lots of pics!

That is deffo some flyer-weathering® right there.  

The next challenge was doing the canopy.  I actually turned out masking off each individual window so that I could spray the piece black then paint as normal.  Balling.


This gave a nice, crystal clear window for my pilot to look out of.  Mixed up a dark red for him as I still wanted his crimson fists to be distinguishable, no weathering on this chap as he is nice and safe inside his cabin.  Still undecided whether or not to glue the canopy down yet or just have it loose.  Big decisions.

The base came out especially nicely, matches the bases on my standard grunts quite well too.  

All in all pretty darn happy with how this beauty came out.  The rockets/lascannons still pop on and off quite nicely but I am yet to paint up the skyhammer pods or lascannons.  Another job for another day!  Maybe Pedro Kantor can help with that.

Thanks for reading
- Harry


  1. Looking good, the weathering is really prominent (not in a bad way!). Really like the base and that cockpit is crystal clear!!!

    1. Cheers Joel, its my favorite model to date. Hopefully it will get a bigger brother in the near future.