Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The £25 challenge

Hello All,

So if you don't know by now head over to our youtube channel and have a peek at the £25 challenge we are running.  Callum is pretty much done, the bastard picked necrons and now has a pretty solid force.  Me?  I chose dark eldar.  Yep thats right, an army that is very hard to play, very hard to form low point lists and very vehicle/speed dependent.  Sounds cheap to me!  So what have I picked up?  I managed to get hold of 19 unbuilt warriors for £10.50.  Not bad not bad, but not great but it should give me a bit more flexibility with conversions, making Archons etc.  I am hoping now to pick up a raider (or two if i get lucky) and form a list from there, idea being as follows:


An Archon with deepstrike wizardry and fancy weapons.  Hopefully this should make up for the lack of mobility I will have when I fail to get more raiders.


Trueborn with blasters?  Might be good against necrons but who knows.  Fills up some points too, bonus.


Some kabalite warriors with maybe more blasters, I think I will leave splinter cannons alone unless they are mounted in a raider.

Maybe convert the warriors in some wyches?  The older models come with a fair few cc weapons and I am sure I could rustle something up.  Not sure how effective these would be against undead robots in close combat.  The Hekatrix with a power weapon could be sneaky.

And that comes to exactly 500pts, marvelous.

So its either that or get more kabalites and go for horde dark eldar... which I am sure works very well.

The older models which I picked up are actually pretty neat, big fan.  Not a fan of how much smaller and weaker they are compared to necron warriors however.  This could be interesting.

To summarise?  What have I done, please send help.


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