Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Crimson fist army list

Hi All,

I have never really touched on how my crimson fists play on the table top.  I love a good game just as much as I love a good modelling session.  The list I have has more been tailored to fit the models I happen to have rather than the other way round.  This has made me realise there are many, many holes and I hope to start turning that around so that by the time I reach 3000 points, I have a good round list.

So lets cover what I actually want these sons of dorn to do.


I wanted Pedro straight off the bat, even though he cost a shitton.  I never really fielding him until I reached around 1500 point games.  To make up for that I have been using some of the honor guard as captains and even converted a chaplain.  Hoping to get a librarian sorted soon as I really wish I had some psychic shenanigans.  After that I may be looking at getting a Lysander-assaultermator- landraiders deathstar.


Obviously I am going to have a fair few tactical marines.  They are cheap to buy, fun to play and with the imperial fists chapter tactics they are pretty much ballistic skill 5.  Bonza, gotta love them.  I went a bit over kill and am now looking at around 40 of the little fuckers and only one rhino.  Not so great.  The lack of mobility has definitely been crippling me when I play 1500 points plus and I have to field them.


Other than the swathes of tactical marines, I wanted this army to by quite elite and based around Pedro Bantor.  Objective securing sternguard, terminators and honor guard were all picked up.

The honor guard are only really there because I wanted 10 sternguard and didn't want to use the legs with panty cloths.  I thought, "hey, these legs would make great honor guard" and voila, they were born.  Not used them yet, probably because I still need to paint them.

Love the terminators, never really let me down now I have learnt the deep striking them usually causes a hot mess.  Not really much tactics going on with these yet, just trudge about and shoot shit.

The sternguard were the unit I was the msot excited about when starting this Pedro List.  The first game I played with them I learned pretty fast they are just posh tactical marines and will get shot dead in one turn.  Whoops.  I found you either need to drop pod them next the enemys most expensive unit and take as many TEQs with you when you get brutalised next turn or play them carefully, moving through cover and making the most of their special ammo.  Either way, these guys are good fun.

Fast Attack

Assault marines!  Love these guys, even if I did fork out rrp for them.  Good for harassing small stuff and being generally mischievous.  They have been somewhat of a learning curve, knowing that attacking other assault units with them just does not go well.  These boys are there to slaughter small troop squads, threw a power sword in there for MEQ poking.

My stormtalon is a pretty neat model.  That's about it really, not played it yet so we will see how that turns out.  Its 7E right so everyone needs flyers?

Heavy Support

Hmmm, not much going on here.  A dev squad with three plasma cannons is about it really.  These guys are actually pretty mediocre.  They usually scatter or blow up in their own faces before they are really effective.  Still fun when you blast a terminator squad away in one turn.

So who wants to actually see the list?

Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Combined Arms Detachment) (563pts)

  • (No Category)

    • Chapter Tactics *

      Imperial Fists
  • HQ (150pts)

    • Librarian (150pts)

      Mastery Level 2 (25pts)
      And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Independant Character
      • The Armour Indomitus (60pts)

        Bolt Pistol, Force Sword
  • Troops (283pts)

    • Scout Squad (73pts)

      3x Boltgun, Camo Cloaks (10pts), Heavy Bolter (8pts), 4x Scouts (44pts)
      And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads, Infiltrate *, Move Through Cover, Scout
      • Scout Sergeant (11pts)

        Bolt Pistol, Boltgun
    • Tactical Squad (210pts)

      Grav-gun (15pts), 4x Space Marines (56pts)
      And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads
      • Razorback (75pts)

        Twin-linked Lascannon (20pts)
      • Veteran Sergeant (64pts)

        Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)
  • Fast Attack (130pts)

    • Stormtalon Gunship (130pts)

      Typhoon Missle Launcher (20pts)
      Strafing Run, Vectored Afterburners

Space Marines: Codex (2015) (SM Gladius Strike Force) (1960pts)

  • (No Category)

    • Chapter Tactics *

      Imperial Fists
  • Core (885pts)

    • 'Battle Demi Company * (885pts)

      Objective Secured, Tactical Flexibility
      • Assault Squad (95pts)

        4x Space Marines (56pts)
        • Veteran Sergeant (39pts)

          Bolt Pistol, Power Sword (15pts)
      • Chaplain (105pts)

        Chapter Tactics *, Independant Character, Zealot
        • Power Armour (15pts)

          Plasma Pistol (15pts)
      • Devastator Squad (115pts)

        3x Plasma Cannon (45pts), 4x Space Marines (56pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads
        • Space Marine Sergeant (14pts)

          Bolt Pistol, Boltgun
      • Tactical Squad (210pts)

        Flamer (5pts), Missile Launcher (Frag & Krak) (15pts), 9x Space Marines (126pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads
        • Veteran Sergeant (64pts)

          Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)
      • Tactical Squad (170pts)

        Flamer (5pts), Missile Launcher (Frag & Krak) (15pts), 9x Space Marines (126pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads
        • Space Marine Sergeant (24pts)

          Bolt Pistol, Compi-plasma (10pts)
      • Tactical Squad (190pts)

        Heavy Bolter (10pts), Plasma Gun (15pts), 9x Space Marines (126pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics *, Combat Squads
        • Veteran Sergeant (39pts)

          Chainsword, Grav-pistol (15pts)
  • Command (330pts)

    • 'Strike Force Command (330pts)

      Pedro Kantor (185pts)
      • Honour Guard (145pts)

        Chapter Tactics *
        • Chapter Champion (45pts)

          Boltgun, Relic Blade (10pts)
          Honor or Death
        • Honour Guard (25pts)

          Power Axe
        • Honour Guard (25pts)

          Power Sword
        • Honour Guard (25pts)

          Power Sword
        • Honour Guard (25pts)

          Power Sword
  • Auxiliary (745pts)

    • '1st Company Task Force (745pts)

      Extremis Level Threat *, Fear, Fearless, Terrifying Proficiency *
      • Sternguard Veteran Squad (295pts)

        • Drop Pod (35pts)

          Storm Bolter
          Drop Pod Assault, Immobile, Inertial Guidance System
        • Veteran (32pts)

          Coombi-plasma (10pts)
        • Veteran (32pts)

          Coombi-plasma (10pts)
        • Veteran (32pts)

          Combi-melta (10pts)
        • Veteran (32pts)

          Combi-melta (10pts)
        • Veteran (22pts)

        • Veteran (22pts)

        • Veteran (22pts)

        • Veteran (22pts)

        • Veteran (22pts)

        • Veteran Sergeant (22pts)

          Bolt Pistol, Boltgun
      • Terminator Assault Squad (215pts)

        4x Any model may replace its two Lightning Claws for a Thunderhammer and Storm Shield (40pts), 4x Terminator (140pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear
        • Terminator Sergeant (35pts)

          Two Lightning Claws
      • Terminator Squad (235pts)

        May replace Power Fist with Chainfist (5pts), Replace Storm Bolter with Assault Cannon (20pts), 5x Terminator (175pts), Terminator Sergeant (35pts)
        And They Shall Know no Fear

So there we are, about 2500 points as it stands.  The sergeants of the tacticals squads are wysiwyg so it could easily be trimmed down.

What would I change?

So what am I buying next basically.  I think more drop pods/rhinos are on the cards.  Might try and scratch build some drop pods, screw spending that sort of money on it.  A land raider would deffo be helpful for my assault units as I do actually have some assault terminators coming up soon.

Heavy support needs a look in, need some lascannons in there.  Maybe a predator or something although tanks are expensive irl money, even if you hunt around on ebay so we will see what I can get my hands on.

I have also been toying with the idea of assasins, they seem like good fun and I rarely seem them played.  Plus its only one more model!  Hooray.

That is all from me today, let me know what you guys think of my list.

Cheers guys,

P.s. sneak peaks of my terrain projects in here, more on that later.

Friday, 26 February 2016

How to build and army for cheap - the £25 challenge

Hello All,

So as so of you may or may not know Callum and I have been running the £25 challenge and loads of people have been getting involved.  The idea is to start a Warhammer 40k army and build it to a playable 500 points for just £25.  I started off with Dark Eldar and bought a load of 3rd edition warriors but quickly fell out of love with these and turned to my old favorite, space marines.

Space marines are by far the most popular army that games workshop sell; they are easy to play, easy to paint and the range is massive.  Not only do gw sell space marines in many cost effective sets, it also means that places like eBay and other second hand sites are brimming with the little guys, you can pick up an army for a weeks pocket money.  I thought I would put together a little guide on how to set up an army cheaply and also give an update to my own £25 challenge.

Option 1 - The new stuff

So you have £50 in your pocket and want to start an army off the sprues, new out the box.  I don't blame you, making the models is half the fun and that shit feels good.  Games Workshop currently offer start collecting boxes which rrp at £50 but you can pick up them up for between £35 and £40 from registered retailers.  These are awesome ways to start collecting (no pun intended) as each one is a single formation that plays right out of the box, usually with some pretty neat special rules.

There are however a couple of issues with these boxes.  You get no rules, no army list info and they are all multipose stuff.  This means you will need to invest £10-£20 in modelling supplies and about £40 in reading material if you are new to 40k.  This can be a bit of a downer when only half your money is actually being spent on models.  The other issue is that some of the boxes do not expand very well.  What I mean by this is that each on is a tailored formation that contains precisely what is in the box.  If you start buying more figures you will need to break this formation into another force organisation chart or buy enough models that you have another separate force running along side your initial box; very frustrating.

Start Collecting, Space marines

Then there is Dark Vengeance.  This is a great box that contains two chunky armies that do not require complex assembly, all the rules that you need to play said armies and all the dice and templates that you will ever need.  This is great if you have a friend to split it with, usually this will run you up about £40 each depending on where you get it from and how you split it.  If you are not lucky enough to have friends you can pick dark vengeance stuff off ebay for cheap.  The armies go for between £25 and £30 as well as the individual units.  Even though I have been collecting my army a while I have still used Dark Vengeance marines to bulk up my forces.

So what is the catch with all this?  Well firstly the armies have zero customisation unless you start cutting stuff up.  The space marine side is pretty set as dark angels, you can file off the logos on most of the marines but the character models and terminators are a little trickier.  The same goes for the chaos, you are very much stuck with a khorne themed force.  This is fine if you just want to play but if you really enjoy the modelling side of things this can be a bit of a dull introduction to 40k and you will be left with an army identical to hundreds of other plays.  40k has a lot of role play elements and for many people most of the fun comes from making your army that looks exactly how you want it to look and play exactly how you want it to play.  This is something the start collecting boxes

Dark Vengeance, top dollar

Option 2 - The old Stuff

So you still have that £50 but you want more.  You want to start playing with 750-1000 points straight off the bat.  Off to eBay with ya, this is where the juicy stuff starts.  If you have a bit of time, patience and thrift you can do wonders with second hand models.  Again, this is very dependant on what force you want to start as some races just simply are not as popular and therefore you will find it much harder to pick stuff up on the cheap.  Space marines are by far the cheapest, orks, necrons and chaos are pretty easy too.

The key to eBay modelling is weighing up how much you want to spend and how long you want to spend restoring old models.  Plenty off decently painted/base coated models go for cheap on ebay and if you are allergic to modelling and painting this is a fine way to start wargaming.  The best way however is to find those job lot auctions of terribly painted models that look like they have been put together by monkeys.

I managed to pick up 20 tactical marines for just under £10 from two seperate listings.  There were all painting pretty terribly, lots were wonky and they all came on 25mm bases.

But who wants shit looking models?  You could always just paint over the models if you just want a coherent force however the best way to make these guys looking like new is grabbing some Dettol (other products do work but I find dettol is the best).  This will strip all the paint off the models and not effect the plastic.  I will hopefully be putting a tutorial up over the weekend to show you guys the best way to do this.  

I had these guys stripped, rebased and repainted within a day and they are now looking pretty damn fine. 

That is £10 and a few hours work for £20 space marines.  The average Joe troop choice such as tactical marines are always the cheapest models to pick up but with some hunting and patience you can get almost anything off eBay.  For my £25 challenge I have picked up some of the dark vengeance character models for £3 and am currently looking for a Dreadnought (these come up cheap as the old Dark Vengeance equivilent, Assault on Black reach, had a Dreadnought). 

A few points to note on thrifting your way through the hobby is extra costs.  In truth, those marines probably cost nearer £15.  This is because you have to think about the cost of the Dettol, the cost of the bases and even the cost of all the bloody loo roll I used to clean my bathroom after.  If you have everything setup and you have all the paints, this is deffo the cheap way to go about starting or expanding an army, however, if you are completely new to the hobby I still think it is best to go with some of the newer boxes from gw.  After all, who doesn't love a bit of plastic crack, that shit smells gooood.

Hope some of you found this helpful.  I will put a proper dettol tutorial out this weekend and hope to have a proper update out soon.

Thanks for reading,
- Harry

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to paint a crimson fist, Rynn's World style

Hello All,

So something I realised when starting this blog is that I do not really have that much time for hobbying lately.  Due to university, sport and girlfriend commitments I only really have a few hours spare on my own for modelling.  This has made me very conscious of how quickly I paint models and how to start painting efficiently.  Today I sat down to paint a few "reinforcements" for my crimson fists; two sergeants, two heavy weapon dudes and a tactical marine that must have got left out somewhere on the way.  As this was probably the most diverse my painting sessions get I thought I would share with you guys just how I paint my models and how I make sure I can rack out decent looking chaps in not much time.

Base Coats

So the key to success with space marines is getting the base coats done fast.  The first colour does not need to be neat nor does it need to be particularly even if you are going for a weathered look.  I had my 5 guys based in blue within 5 minutes.  I use a shit brush and just go to town, just make sure you never lay anything on too thick.

As you can see, the brushes I use are not exactly special.  Besides, they don't need to be!

As you can see they are not very neat but all the blue is down where it needs to be.  

I chose to do my silver next, this completely depends on what chapter you are painting but a big thing I have learnt is getting the paint order right.  Silver covers the next largest area, anything that the silver slips onto will most likely be red.

I was a bit more careful with the red and silver as the aim of the game is to complete the base coats without having to go back to another colour.  Being careful takes up much less time then rushing it and having to correct later.

After this I just went over the model and corrected anything I screw up and picking out details such as scrolls, cables and the green for the plasma guns.


After this stage it was on to the wash.  I dont use GW washes as I like to control how thick the wash is in certain areas.  I use an old pot of Scortched Brown and mix this with water on a palet and just wash the whole model.  I try and put it down thicker on the feet and then have a bit lighter on the top.  I love using this wash, I think it really dirties the model up.  Alternatively, if you wanter a cleaner look, I just use black for some of my other models.


Once this is dried the models look a bit turdy and dull.  Time to do some highlighting.  I use a fairly watery Ultramarine blue for my highlight colour, usually one brush load will do the whole model.  A good tip is to break the highlight line here and there, this enhances the weathering later on.  I also highlighted the khorne red with wazdakka at this point.  Any highlighting that goes wrong, dont try and go back over it in your base coat, just smudge it with your finger.  This will usually just leave a bit of paint on the edge you were highlighting and spread the rest of the paint out.  These are the only highlights I do, the weapons are just left alone.


Don't want your chap any more weathered?  Stop here, you're done!  Want some chips?  Keep going, this is where it gets fun afterall.  I do this very simply, I grab my shit brush and attack the model very gently with some Tin Bitz.  I try and make these relatively small and in a places where it would make sense to have scratches e.g. shoulder and knee pads.  Again, if you make these marks too big or in the wrong places, just smudge it with your finger and life will sort itself out.

Once this is done I just use my detail brush and apply some boltgun metal to the top/bottom of the scratches.  I also add a few "fresh" scratched with just the boltgun, don't go too wild with that though otherwise it looks a bit crap.

Hey presto, battle damage.  Although it's a simple process this did take a while to get it right.  The size, placement and distribution of the "random" scratches really does matter.

Another detail to note on before we base these bastards is the plasma guns.  I havn't touched them since the basecoat and used to just leave them as is, maybe go over them again in snot green.  Recently I have dug out an old sunburst yellow which has separated a fair bit.  I use the watery paint on top to just glaze over the green.  This really makes it glow, bonus points for running over onto the metal for a bit more glowy glow.

Then it is on to basing.  I leave this to last now as I like to dry brush some of the codex gray onto the feet of the model.  More weathering goodness.  Then it just sticking down some flock and you're sorted.  I wish I had done a more adventurous basing technique when I started my army.  Unfortunately its just too much effort to re base nearly 50 figures.

Now all my dark vengeance grunts have some proper lads to lead them rather than some blokes in dresses.

These guys took me about 2 hours to paint, the documentation probably took some time out of that and the fact that there were a few other details such as the plasma guns and heavy weapons.  Adding another five models to the mix would not add that much time on meaning I can usually get a tactical squad done in an afternoon.  Good news when you only really have an afternoon of painting a week!

This has been a good leaning curve for me.  I have gone from a kid with loads of time and no models to an adult with not much time and loads of models.  Not only has the quality of my painting actually got better, but now I do it quicker!  Result.  

Other updates

So what else have I been up to?  I sent my 3D printer off to hopefully get repaired/replaced as apparently they shipped me a broken one.  Nice.  

Hobbying wise, these are the only four models I have painted this week.  The £25 challenge has shifted from dark eldar to space marines.  A bit of a cop out I know but I really was not getting along with the dark eldar figures and it gives me an excuse to make moar crimsons fists.  I actually managed to get 20 tactical marines for just over £10 off ebay.  These guys will need to be stripped and rebased but hopefully they should fit in with everything else once painted up.  My HQ will be the Dark Vengeance captain dude which I will convert a bit, picked him up for £2.  That leaves me with about £15 to spend, probably on something armored!  Thinking dreadnought... watch this space.

That's all this time guys!

Thanks for reading,
- Harry



Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chaos + Guard + 3D printing

Hi Guys,

Been working on a few projects this week and lets just say there has been alot of stress involved in said projects.  So let's start with the fun stuff; chaos!

I have finally painted up some standard marines, only five but its enough to try and get some more models on the table.  Happy with how they turned out, didnt do anything really fancy with these guys.  I found that when I was painting the dark vengeance chaos marines that there was just so much detail there was no need for lots of highlighting, you can get great results just by picking out the detail and washing it.  However, these regular marines were a bit of a shock to the system and may require a bit of highlighting now I think about it.

The next bit of chaos kit to get lashed with some paint was the hellbrute.  I have been putting this guy off for a while as I just did not know how to go about tackling the large amount of flesh on his body.  I actually ended up just using Zandri dust and putting down a heavy Khorne red wash onto this.  This came out bloody fantastic and far better then I could have imagined.  The rest of the model was painted as normal and then the whole thing was washed with Scorched Brown.  Again, there was loads of detail to pick out with this model which leads to a relatively easy paint as long as you can get the back right.  

You may notice he has lost his melta gun.  I am not sure when/why I put autocannons on him but it looks pretty badass I guess and who doesn't love a good reaper autocannon.

Next up it some imperial guard.  I enjoyed painting up the EM4 figures and I guess a small part of me has longed for some foot slogging grunts ever since.  So I got together some of my old guard collection and had some repainting fun.  I have about 15/20 guys that I could salvage at the moment so might grab a chimera and have myself a melta fun bus.  Although I doubt I could resist some of the big tanks if I started up with guard.  Vroom Vroom!

I thought the reloading pose was a nice touch, something I must have done years ago but I thought it was quite fun.  As you can see I have painted these guys in the same scheme as the EM4 lot.  Hopefully this means any characters/vehicles I get can be used for both.

Speaking of special characters I had a bit of fun and built this guy up, he is called Quentin.  Quentin doesn't know what he is; commisar? commander? vet. sergeant?  Quentin does know however that he has a pretty swanky boltgun and some very protective armour.

Matchy matchy!  These guys all seem to fit in quite nicely together.  Not sure I should go mixing cadians with the EM4 lot as the proportions are a little out but I hope to use Quentin both in 40k and Callum's up and coming skirmish game.  Good Quentin.

So Harry, this all seems very swell, what have you been getting stressed about?  Well, notice the title says 3D printing?  Yes, thats what.

I decided to get myself a small 3D printer to help me out with uni work, cycling equipment and hobby stuff.  I have used 3D printers with my course and always wanted to print of various pieces of terrain/weapons and even vehicles (so many possibilities).  Unfortunatly the printers at uni are often booked up and it is not fair to take up a whole day on a piece of educational equipment printing a baneblade (so I have been told anyway).  So I bought myself a Fabrikator Mini from Hobbyking.  It only cost me about £140 with import charges, prints PLA with a resolution of up to 0.1mm in a build space of 80x80x80mm.  Not bad... if only I could get it to fucking work!

My computer has struck again and over the past week I have given myself a crash course on everything to do with drivers, FTDI chips and crying into my pillow.  Its not the printers fault, it just appears to be my shitty computer with all its 10 shitty windows.  Hey ho, it will work.... one day,

"the most expensive paper weight"

That is all from me this week, hopefully I can start getting some things out a bit faster and get my 3D printer up and running.  

Thanks for reading!
- Harry

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Update! Chaos moving forward

Hi Guys,

So its been a bit slow lately what with my terrain project coming along (I promise a blog post soon!).  I have been working on my chaos today finished off 10 more cultists and the lord.  Pretty happy with how these turned out!

As you can see they were painted pretty quickly, managed to polish these guys off in one hour.  Hopefully this means I can add lots and lots of the little bastards without too much effort.  I did however make the effort to include a few weapon swaps just to spice things up a bit.

Gave the lord a bolt pistol a while back when I first got the kit as I never paid the points for the plasma pistol.  Took a bit more care over this guys, love the model, lots of detail in there.  Didn't try anything too swanky with his sword as I feel the detail speaks for itself.

This means my chaos is now playable in a fully painted form.  Going to try and get my 10 "tactical" marines done and the hellbrute. 

I also purchased some space marine legs to make an extra five guys from the spare torsos in the assault marine box.  I decided to make some prettier sergeants to compliment my dark vengeance tacs and also have a few heavy weapon guys that can be thrown into my lists.  I like the fact I now have a few different heavy and special weapon guys that don't necessarily belong to a set squad.  This means I can pick and mix who goes where whenever I write my lists, spot on!

That's about it for now, hope you guys are not too unimpressed with my progress.  Going to try and get some more chaos done soon and then it will be back to the focus on the crimson fists.  Might finish off some em4 too!

Thanks for reading,
- Harry

Thursday, 4 February 2016

EM4 Miniatures + general update + terrain. Cheap plastic crack time!

Hello All!

Yet again I have been busy lately so not been able to move ahead much with my other projects.  So what have I gone and done?  Started another one!

For those of you that dont know, EM4 miniatures do a fantastic bunch of cheap plastic kits.  They do some great metal chaps too and have everything from fantasy to sci fi, all at cracking prices.  I decided to get a bunch of figures to hopefully use in an upcoming project (shhh!) that will be set in the near future.  I grabbed one set of gangers, two sets of troopers and some spacecraft to boot.  This came in at about £14 including shipping which I thought was pretty decent considering my order arrived within 48 hours!


So lets start with the gang bang crew first.  The figures are actually quite nicely sculpted considering the price.  There are a few areas where the detail is lost but overall the quality was really quite good.  I actually did a bit of swapping between these guys and the troopers.  This was all well and good swapping ganger arms to the troopers however it didn't work as well the other way.  The rod that connects the arms together is significantly larger for the troopers so bear this in mind!  I had to cut it out and glue the arms on separately.  I also swapped one of gangers packs for a trooper radio pack, the greedy buggers wanted one between five.  I also gave one an imperial guard chainsword, the proportions are about the same and it worked very nicely!

For all these EM4 guys I am going to try and do a more urban base.  This basically consisted of bits of cardboard and sprue stuck down on the base with a little bit of sand.  Unfortunately these guys dont fill up the whole slot on these bases.  I could not be arsed to sort that out and don't think it looks too bad.  Perfectionists welcome.


Next up are my favorites.  The troopers!  These guys went together exactly the same as the gangers, the torsos and packs can be swapped with ease (I wasn't feeling that cheeky however).  The quality standard of these guys is pretty much on par with gangers but they have a little more detail loss in my opinion, especially around their weapons.  One of these guys got a ganger weapon, will be subbing this as some sort of special weapon perhaps.  The sergeant got a pair of imperial guard arms and looks rather fetching.  I managed to get five of these guys painted tonight and am very happy with how they look.  I tried to go for more of a 80's sci fi feel with bolder colors and a less dirty shade.  The hazard stripes on the chain sword are a personal triumph of mine.  The bases came out looking ok, perhaps a bit flat but hey ho.  Hope to add some squad markings too, finally ordered some decal softener!

Hopefully more of this good stuff to follow!  May have to get them some sort of APC too, will have to look around for that.  Thought it would a nice idea to throw in a size comparison for you guys.  Bear in mind that all the bases are the same height.

As you can see they would fit in fine with the 40k universe.  They fit much better alongside marines in opinion, make them actually look taller than humans!  I built these guys up so I could use them as a guard squad but I hope to be using them mostly for combat zone type skirmish games.


This was more of a "fuck it" purchase and with each set of miniatures being priced at £2.55 it is very very easy to do this.  I call this the Primark effect, I found it very easy to load up my basket with £40 worth of the stuff.   
I am glad I did because these little space ships are an absolute joy, each one is in a different style so its not like you get a few set "races" in here.  They can be roughly grouped together and would almost certainly be coherent if you painted them up the same, I hope to split into 3/4 different factions.  I managed to paint one up just out of interest and I was very pleased.  They have plenty of detail on them and the castings are really very nice.  Again, going to go for quite a bold cheesy sci-fi theme on these, I have had enough grim dark with all my Crimson Fists!

Thats all the swag that I bought however there are a few other cool kits from EM4.  The space rangers look like good marine alternatives and the Mechs look like a lot of fun!  For £2.55 for each set of 5 men/mechs/marines or 12 spaceships I dont think you can find better value for money out there.  They also do a few metal bits to customise your troopers and gangers but they seem to be eternally out of stick. 

EM4 gets a +1 from me, I will certainly be getting some more!  Now wouldn't the Mechs make for some great heavy infantry?

Other updates

Everything else has been going a bit slower due to uni commitments and my upcoming terrain project.  I have got the last of the chaos built up after my latest shipment of 30mm bases so want to start focusing on them soon.  Have a few honour guard and devastators to paint for my crimson fists but might take a rest from all that blue!

Got some interesting tactic videos coming up on the channel within the next week.  We have been using Vassal to try out some cool tactics and aim to share this with you all.  Vassal is a free to use platform that allows you to place "models" on a customisable board and effectively have full 40k battles without buying a thing.  Try before you buy comes to mind!  

"Fucking paint us already!"

Terrain Project

So I hope to start making some terrain very very soon.  This will be 4mm MDF scenery laser cut out and slotted together, the emphasis being no glue is required and the models can be flat packed back down for storage/transport.  This will be slow to start but after I have a few prototypes I hope to start selling so watch out for some super affordable super easy terrain popping up on here!

I plan to make a wide range of multistoried ruins, buildings, factories etc. as well as some line of sight blocking stuff and some *cough* totally-not-40k-equivalent stuff *cough* stuff.  I already have designs for:
- One, two and three story 90 degree ruin pieces. 
- Los blocking buildings.
- skyshield landing "platform"
- aegis defence "fortification"
- imperial "fortified tower"
If there is anything else you guys think I should be focussing on let me know.  If there is anything specific you want me to make email over a sketch/dimensions and I might be able to sort something out!

So that was a pretty big update eh?  More posts to follow soon on each of my individual projects and watch this space for terrain updates!  

Thanks for reading,
- Harry