Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chaos + Guard + 3D printing

Hi Guys,

Been working on a few projects this week and lets just say there has been alot of stress involved in said projects.  So let's start with the fun stuff; chaos!

I have finally painted up some standard marines, only five but its enough to try and get some more models on the table.  Happy with how they turned out, didnt do anything really fancy with these guys.  I found that when I was painting the dark vengeance chaos marines that there was just so much detail there was no need for lots of highlighting, you can get great results just by picking out the detail and washing it.  However, these regular marines were a bit of a shock to the system and may require a bit of highlighting now I think about it.

The next bit of chaos kit to get lashed with some paint was the hellbrute.  I have been putting this guy off for a while as I just did not know how to go about tackling the large amount of flesh on his body.  I actually ended up just using Zandri dust and putting down a heavy Khorne red wash onto this.  This came out bloody fantastic and far better then I could have imagined.  The rest of the model was painted as normal and then the whole thing was washed with Scorched Brown.  Again, there was loads of detail to pick out with this model which leads to a relatively easy paint as long as you can get the back right.  

You may notice he has lost his melta gun.  I am not sure when/why I put autocannons on him but it looks pretty badass I guess and who doesn't love a good reaper autocannon.

Next up it some imperial guard.  I enjoyed painting up the EM4 figures and I guess a small part of me has longed for some foot slogging grunts ever since.  So I got together some of my old guard collection and had some repainting fun.  I have about 15/20 guys that I could salvage at the moment so might grab a chimera and have myself a melta fun bus.  Although I doubt I could resist some of the big tanks if I started up with guard.  Vroom Vroom!

I thought the reloading pose was a nice touch, something I must have done years ago but I thought it was quite fun.  As you can see I have painted these guys in the same scheme as the EM4 lot.  Hopefully this means any characters/vehicles I get can be used for both.

Speaking of special characters I had a bit of fun and built this guy up, he is called Quentin.  Quentin doesn't know what he is; commisar? commander? vet. sergeant?  Quentin does know however that he has a pretty swanky boltgun and some very protective armour.

Matchy matchy!  These guys all seem to fit in quite nicely together.  Not sure I should go mixing cadians with the EM4 lot as the proportions are a little out but I hope to use Quentin both in 40k and Callum's up and coming skirmish game.  Good Quentin.

So Harry, this all seems very swell, what have you been getting stressed about?  Well, notice the title says 3D printing?  Yes, thats what.

I decided to get myself a small 3D printer to help me out with uni work, cycling equipment and hobby stuff.  I have used 3D printers with my course and always wanted to print of various pieces of terrain/weapons and even vehicles (so many possibilities).  Unfortunatly the printers at uni are often booked up and it is not fair to take up a whole day on a piece of educational equipment printing a baneblade (so I have been told anyway).  So I bought myself a Fabrikator Mini from Hobbyking.  It only cost me about £140 with import charges, prints PLA with a resolution of up to 0.1mm in a build space of 80x80x80mm.  Not bad... if only I could get it to fucking work!

My computer has struck again and over the past week I have given myself a crash course on everything to do with drivers, FTDI chips and crying into my pillow.  Its not the printers fault, it just appears to be my shitty computer with all its 10 shitty windows.  Hey ho, it will work.... one day,

"the most expensive paper weight"

That is all from me this week, hopefully I can start getting some things out a bit faster and get my 3D printer up and running.  

Thanks for reading!
- Harry

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