Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Crimson Fist Update, its getting faster!

Hello All,

Had a a pretty busy weekend so been a little busy.  So, feeling a little down with myself seeing as I have had to start doing things I strolled into Games Workshop and picked up an assault squad.  Did I really need one?  Not really...

So here they are!

I am pretty proud of these bad boys, I am in love with this kit.  Really nice poses, cool bases and plenty of bits to finish of the rest of the honor guard.  Sarg. appears to have taken a trip Isstvan III with his metal detector and picked himself up a nice vintage helmet!  Bonza.  He also happens to be a veteran with a very nice power sword, bonus!  The rest of the lads are just armed with Dorn's knife and fork.  I guess the idea behind these guys it to jump in and take out smaller, vulnerable units.  Not too many points but good fun!.

Second thing is that Pedro Bantor is finally finished.  I wasn't too inspired with this one so I guess the paintjob is a tad bland.  Will be getting the chapter symbol up there on the banner soon do not fear!

So there we go chaps, thats all from the crimson fists for now.  Running out of things to paint.  Got some devastators coming up and the rest of the Honour guard should be finished soon.  Then its on to try and get some real anti tank and some transport for Kantor and his guard... if only there was a model that could do both?

Cheeky full army shot ft. my bed

In other news, I have ordered a few things from em4 miniatures.  These guys produce some dirt cheap plastics and I thought it would be nice to get some and have a look.  So watch this space for some Troopers and Gangers!  I also got some of the spaceships, might be big enough to play with the xwing rules.  They might be good, they might be shit, but they are damn cheap.  More meat for the grinder!

Thanks again for reading guys,
- Harry


  1. Transport and anti tank? Land raider is the way to go. May be expensive, in points and pounds, but it takes a while for any artillery to get through an armour 14 behemoth, especially when it points its twin linked lascannons at you!!!

  2. also are your guys all on the new 30mm bases?