Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to paint a crimson fist, Rynn's World style

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So something I realised when starting this blog is that I do not really have that much time for hobbying lately.  Due to university, sport and girlfriend commitments I only really have a few hours spare on my own for modelling.  This has made me very conscious of how quickly I paint models and how to start painting efficiently.  Today I sat down to paint a few "reinforcements" for my crimson fists; two sergeants, two heavy weapon dudes and a tactical marine that must have got left out somewhere on the way.  As this was probably the most diverse my painting sessions get I thought I would share with you guys just how I paint my models and how I make sure I can rack out decent looking chaps in not much time.

Base Coats

So the key to success with space marines is getting the base coats done fast.  The first colour does not need to be neat nor does it need to be particularly even if you are going for a weathered look.  I had my 5 guys based in blue within 5 minutes.  I use a shit brush and just go to town, just make sure you never lay anything on too thick.

As you can see, the brushes I use are not exactly special.  Besides, they don't need to be!

As you can see they are not very neat but all the blue is down where it needs to be.  

I chose to do my silver next, this completely depends on what chapter you are painting but a big thing I have learnt is getting the paint order right.  Silver covers the next largest area, anything that the silver slips onto will most likely be red.

I was a bit more careful with the red and silver as the aim of the game is to complete the base coats without having to go back to another colour.  Being careful takes up much less time then rushing it and having to correct later.

After this I just went over the model and corrected anything I screw up and picking out details such as scrolls, cables and the green for the plasma guns.


After this stage it was on to the wash.  I dont use GW washes as I like to control how thick the wash is in certain areas.  I use an old pot of Scortched Brown and mix this with water on a palet and just wash the whole model.  I try and put it down thicker on the feet and then have a bit lighter on the top.  I love using this wash, I think it really dirties the model up.  Alternatively, if you wanter a cleaner look, I just use black for some of my other models.


Once this is dried the models look a bit turdy and dull.  Time to do some highlighting.  I use a fairly watery Ultramarine blue for my highlight colour, usually one brush load will do the whole model.  A good tip is to break the highlight line here and there, this enhances the weathering later on.  I also highlighted the khorne red with wazdakka at this point.  Any highlighting that goes wrong, dont try and go back over it in your base coat, just smudge it with your finger.  This will usually just leave a bit of paint on the edge you were highlighting and spread the rest of the paint out.  These are the only highlights I do, the weapons are just left alone.


Don't want your chap any more weathered?  Stop here, you're done!  Want some chips?  Keep going, this is where it gets fun afterall.  I do this very simply, I grab my shit brush and attack the model very gently with some Tin Bitz.  I try and make these relatively small and in a places where it would make sense to have scratches e.g. shoulder and knee pads.  Again, if you make these marks too big or in the wrong places, just smudge it with your finger and life will sort itself out.

Once this is done I just use my detail brush and apply some boltgun metal to the top/bottom of the scratches.  I also add a few "fresh" scratched with just the boltgun, don't go too wild with that though otherwise it looks a bit crap.

Hey presto, battle damage.  Although it's a simple process this did take a while to get it right.  The size, placement and distribution of the "random" scratches really does matter.

Another detail to note on before we base these bastards is the plasma guns.  I havn't touched them since the basecoat and used to just leave them as is, maybe go over them again in snot green.  Recently I have dug out an old sunburst yellow which has separated a fair bit.  I use the watery paint on top to just glaze over the green.  This really makes it glow, bonus points for running over onto the metal for a bit more glowy glow.

Then it is on to basing.  I leave this to last now as I like to dry brush some of the codex gray onto the feet of the model.  More weathering goodness.  Then it just sticking down some flock and you're sorted.  I wish I had done a more adventurous basing technique when I started my army.  Unfortunately its just too much effort to re base nearly 50 figures.

Now all my dark vengeance grunts have some proper lads to lead them rather than some blokes in dresses.

These guys took me about 2 hours to paint, the documentation probably took some time out of that and the fact that there were a few other details such as the plasma guns and heavy weapons.  Adding another five models to the mix would not add that much time on meaning I can usually get a tactical squad done in an afternoon.  Good news when you only really have an afternoon of painting a week!

This has been a good leaning curve for me.  I have gone from a kid with loads of time and no models to an adult with not much time and loads of models.  Not only has the quality of my painting actually got better, but now I do it quicker!  Result.  

Other updates

So what else have I been up to?  I sent my 3D printer off to hopefully get repaired/replaced as apparently they shipped me a broken one.  Nice.  

Hobbying wise, these are the only four models I have painted this week.  The £25 challenge has shifted from dark eldar to space marines.  A bit of a cop out I know but I really was not getting along with the dark eldar figures and it gives me an excuse to make moar crimsons fists.  I actually managed to get 20 tactical marines for just over £10 off ebay.  These guys will need to be stripped and rebased but hopefully they should fit in with everything else once painted up.  My HQ will be the Dark Vengeance captain dude which I will convert a bit, picked him up for £2.  That leaves me with about £15 to spend, probably on something armored!  Thinking dreadnought... watch this space.

That's all this time guys!

Thanks for reading,
- Harry



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